Lately {in Photos}

1. At The Griddle Cafe in Los favorite restaurant!
2. At The Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles
3. Connor enjoying cake at my aunt's birthday party
4. Cupcakes!!!
5. Me and my baby girl
6. Connor enjoying riding the choo-choo with MeMaw
7. Play time
8. Happy girl in the bath
9. Chilling at Barnes & Noble
10. Golden Gate Bridge
11. Playing at the Bay Area Discovery Museum
12. Enjoying the spring weather


  1. Hey, Jessica -

    Thanks so much for posting pics of your adorable family for all to see - especially me. The Griddle Cafe looks awesome.

    You are a very talented writer; i love your style...

    Take care, Karen G.

    PS I need to make a time to come over at lunch; I have something for Isla.

  2. Lovely photos! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pancake-into-Isla's-mouth one. Oh man, I die...


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