A Realization of Ginormous Proportions

This past week has been challenging. First with Connor really sick, then Isla following not far behind in his footsteps. It has been messy (think vomit), tiring (sick kids struggle with sleep), expensive (three doctors visits and meds) and challenging (did you see all the things I just listed?!).

On Saturday, after a particularly long cry session (from Isla, not me), I felt done. I wanted out of the house. I wanted some peace and quiet time. I wanted some adult time. It would have been nice if I could have grabbed Ian and headed out, but we have two kids. Someone has to stay home with them! And it would have been nice if I could have called a friend to meet up with. But I had a life changing epiphany...all my friends have kids too. They can't just head out of the house on a whim. This was one of those smack-me-in-the-face moments. My life has changed. I'm a mom. My friends are moms. There are a lot more logistics to handle when going out these days. Logistics that take planning. Doing things on a whim these days just isn't so easy.

The evening ended up calming down for a bit. Connor went to bed and Isla slept long enough for Ian and I to enjoy most of our late night dinner in peace. Just that little adult time, where crying wasn't ringing throughout the house, calmed me down. And the night, it wasn't so peaceful. But Ian took over halfway through the night and allowed me to catch some much needed shut eye.

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