I am just a being outside kind of gal. Now that spring is here, we have been spending the better part of the days playing in our backyard. Playing, eating, reading...really just living life. Aww, the sun. Its so wonderful.

There is just something so simple and wonderful about being outside. The kids moods can go from crabby to happy the instant we head outside. Connor runs around, Isla plays with her toys or chills in her walker (she actually walked a couple feet today in it!), and I sit. I watch my kids. I take pictures of them. I read the newspaper. I drink some coffee. I enjoy the sun on my face. Days like today really are great. That's all I have to say. 

Connor actually sat like this. Funny, right? Such a cute kid!

Though he still won't use the peddles, Connor will actually use his feet to move around the yard. And he'll steer his bike too. This is quite the accomplishment, given that most things he rides, he won't even attempt to steer them. Of course, that doesn't mean he doesn't run into things on his bike. And my favorite thing, he goes backwards on his bike. It's really cute and funny.

And then there's Isla, just content with a simple toy, watching her brother. She loves her brother so much and loves just watching him play. And when he looks at her? She gets the biggest smile on her face. Melts this mama's heart!


  1. You guys make the most adorable kids. Keep 'em coming. ;)

  2. Oh the sun! It makes me so happy too! You have beautiful children!!

  3. That's really precious that she loves watching him and smiles every time he looks over. That pretty much melted me.


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