Isla {5 Months}

Weight: 16.5 lbs (my measurement)
Length: 25.25 inches (my measurement)

"Found" her feet and loves to grab them...especially in the bath
Grabs at hair, necklaces and anything in reach
Tries to drink out of our glasses
Moves around to grab a toy

Isla certainly isn't a newborn anymore. Though she can't sit up on her own yet, she definitely prefers sitting up and seeing the world to laying down. Be it being held, propped up on the couch or sitting in a toy, she likes seeing what is going on. And she loves watching her brother no matter what he is doing. He can easily get her to laugh without even really doing something funny.

We got out Connor's walker for Isla the other day and she loves it. At first, she just spent her time sucking on the attached toys. Now she sits up, plays with the toys and watches the world go by. She did "walk" a little in it, but it was a total fluke. Also, Connor seems to have re-fallen in love with the walker, so we have to watch and make sure he is nice to Isla when she is in it.

Isla is now at the stage that she will grab anything and everything in her reach. It's fun watching her play with toys. But you have to watch out when you are eating and watch your hair around her...of course my hair is short, so it is more an issue for other people.

Isla is a wrist sucker. That's right, my baby likes to suck on her wrist. That doesn't mean that her thumb or hand don't make it in her mouth from time to time. But the majority of the time, its her wrist. This also means that the sleeves on her clothes get soaking wet. It's funny and weird all at the same time. 

Isla has consistently been going to bed at 8pm for a few weeks now and goes to sleep without crying. How long she will sleep though, isn't consistent at all!!! She has made it all the way to 6am before waking to feed, but usually she wakes around 1am to feed and feeds twice a night. The thing I am lucky about is Isla goes right back to sleep after she eats.

One thing we have had trouble with is Isla refusing to take a bottle. We tried out different bottles and different people feeding her bottles and nothing seemed to work. I bought her a sippy cup made for babies (the top is soft, flexible silicone) and she actually took it. Now most of the milk ended up down the front of her, but it still is growth so I am proud...and hopeful that eventually I will be able to leave her for longer periods of time!

And in case you are curious, here's the link to when Connor was 5 months old. It's fun to compare. Connor still loves being out of the house. And he slept like a crazy man. Isls is usually in the same place I left her in her crib.


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