Isn't it Ironic?

Don't you think...

Wow, that song takes me back. And makes me look old to all you youngins who don't even recognize that Alanis Morissette classic. Heck, Modesto is so hip, I still hear that song on the radio from time to time. I kid you not. (about the song being on the radio, not about Modesto's hip status) But back to the post at hand...

When I checked the weather report this morning to decide what I was going to wear, this is what I found:

It was warmer in Aberdeen, Scotland than in Modesto, California! After the nonexistent winter we had, this oddly cold spring is just throwing me off. Now there are a couple things you have inadvertently just learned about me. I check the weather every morning to decide what to wear. Its just smart thinking (or perhaps planning) on my part. And the weather report for Aberdeen is still programed in my phone and I still find the need to look at it daily even though I haven't lived there for over a year now. Oh Scotland, I still miss you.

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  1. When you were in Scotland, did you ever think you'd be writing about how much you miss it? :)

    I check the weather to plan my outfits too! Are there people who don't? Weirdos.


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