What I Wore {seven}

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a day full of family, fun, food and relaxation. Now that Isla is taking a bottle (a very recent development), Ian and I enjoyed a leisurely dinner out together. It was fun getting all dressed up and heading to a nice restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, so thanks for that Ian! After Ian told me I couldn't wear a certain purple dress I've been sporting a lot lately, I tried on practically every nice outfit in my closet before settling on this one.

Dress: Topshop...from Scotland
Shoes: River Island...from Scotland
Bracelet: A gift from a few years ago

It was a Scottish kind of day I guess! I took a nap before dinner and my hair looked awful, so I ended up pulling it back. I was afraid it would look too casual for the look I was going for, but I like how it turned out. And I have to admit, this dress made me feel pretty dang good about myself. I may consider wearing it daily. 


  1. You look hot! Perfect for a dinner date with your husband.

  2. I agree! You look smokin' in this dress!! And I love the detail!! You're very pretty!

  3. You -should- feel good about yourself! You look awesome. I like the lacy neckline.


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