The Silver Lining

We drove down to LA to paint our house in between tenants. We thought it would be a simple job. Take a full day and then we would be done. We had no idea what would greet us when we arrived. The smell when we opened the front door. The look of the carpets. Poop splattered on walls. Urine sitting on the kitchen floor. The place was a mess. I felt like I needed a hazmat suit on just to go in there. After the initial shock, we started to work. My week of plans went out the window. I will now be dealing with this mess. Through it all, I can't help but think, at least I am blessed enough to have an incredible man at my side to help with it all and heck, we were blessed enough to buy a place at the height of the market (and that is the reason we still have it as a rental!).  And that is not even the silver lining.

The silver lining is the fact that after a hard day's work and our kiddos were in bed, Ian and I got to slip out for a late night dinner while my parents sat at home with our sleeping kids. That's the life!


  1. LOVE your outfit! You look gorgeous mama!

  2. Wha?! Poop and urine?! What's the deal??? And I agree with Autumn... You look darling.

  3. Oh man, you are one brave lady! How did it get to be so horrible?! Who can live like that?


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