Awkward/Awesome {seven}

Awkward: A trashed rental that smells oh-so-bad
Awesome: New paint and flooring remedied the smell 
Awkward: The tenant didn't even come to his walk-thru and has been avoiding us
Awesome: We have a deposit

Awkward (times infinity): Being solicited like I was a prostitute. I kid you not. I was mortified. And it happened in the middle of the day. Seriously?!

Awesome: Good heigene

Awesome: Having lunch with an old friend
Awkward: Connor deciding to only consume butter while we were at lunch

Awesome: Running into former co-workers
Awkward: So many of them admitting to reading my blog, yet not commenting
Awesome: Wait a second, there is nothing awkward about that...come on people, its super flattering that you actually read my blog!

Awesome: Unexpected mid-morning naps! If only that nap was for me!

Awkward: I was changing Connor's diaper and he started to laugh and said, "That tickles, tickles my kee-kee"

Awesome: Dinner with my aunt and uncle


  1. Great round up! And I'm glad it's not awkward that your old coworkers read your blog. What's this about being solicited?! Did you have your kids with you? I WISH I could just eat butter for lunch... Yum...

  2. Landon loves butter too!

    Great awesome/awkward post. They're always enjoyable. :)


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