Super Mom Failure

Once I realized how economical it was to make baby food rather than buy it, I started making all Connor's baby food. And as weird as it sounds, I had fun doing it. I made up my own recipes and enjoyed doing it. The one thing I never made for him though was baby cereal. When I realized how easy it is to make, I just knew I wanted to try it with Isla.

Now that Isla is six months old, I was all excited to let her try some food. I pulled out our blender the other day to make her some rice cereal. In the middle of blending up the rice, I decided to go all Jamba Juice on the blender and shake it. In the process of shaking it, I managed to pull the pitcher off the teeth that spin the blender. And in doing so, I managed to break all the teeth off it. Talk about an epic failure.

So, until I get a new part for my blender, Isla will have to deal with store bough rice cereal. I hope she doesn't grow a third eye or something...I kid. Anyway, here is Isla getting her first taste at some real food.

She is obsessed with holding the spoon herself and putting it in her mouth. Such a smart baby. She knows how to feed herself! Ha, ha! She also forces all the food out of her mouth with her tongue. I don't think it has anything to do with if she likes it or not, but just that she doesn't know how to eat. So weird to think that you have to learn to eat. At least she looks cute while learning!


  1. This visual made for a great morning laugh!!!! Thank you friend! And I think Isla has to many good genes to mutate!

  2. I love watching babies learn to eat. The faces they make! Like we are force-feeding them sour lemons or something.

  3. Oh no! I'm sorry about your blender! Isla's expression in that first picture is SO great!


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