6 Months

Weight: 15 lbs, 11 oz

Length: 26 inches

Can roll over in every which direction
Scoots around the floor...on his back!
"Found" his feet...they are like a built in toy!
Tries to grab hair, glasses, jewelry and more
Doesn't like strangers...
Cries within 60 seconds of someone besides Ian or I holding him
Has eaten "real" food and likes it
Has become extremely ticklish
Sleeps thru the night (for the past 3 days)

Everyday Connor seems to morph more and more into a boy and is growing farther and farther away from those baby days. He got to go on vacation with us over the past couple weeks. While traveling he got to go to the London Zoo, meet Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris, stroll around Milan, see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, check out the beach/ocean in Italy, see the Eiffel Tower and go on a ferry. He also touched grass for the first time (which he was very interested in) and touch a lamb for the first time (which I don't think he really cared about). He likes being outside, looking around at new things. He also seems to be more interested in the tags on his toys than the toys himself. He can spend so much time just investigating those little tags. Its fun to watch a serious expression go over his face when he is "investigating" something.

Teething seems to be just around the corner. Connor is drooling like no other and has become quite irritable. I keep checking his mouth, but no teeth yet. I am thinking it will happen soon though.

Connor & Daddy on the train at Disneyland Paris

Touching grass for the first time

Hanging out in the front of the car

Eating baby cereal for the first time


  1. You are right Jess, Connor has changed so much since you left us here! He is a very handsome boy and not baby anymore! I cannot believe I will be saying the same thing about Piper by Christmas. Enjoy every moment!

  2. Hi Jess. I sure enjoyed the pictures, especially the one of Connor and Ian at Disneyland. I love you girl! Dad


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