Home Sweet Scotland

We made it home. Drove 3331.5 miles. Averaged between 56-57 mpg the whole trip. Took zillions of photos and had a wonderful time.

One interesting thing though...we killed a bird. I don't quite remember it happening, but yesterday when running back to the car after checking out of our campground, I found this...

It is kind of disturbing, yet kind of funny at the same time. When going thru customs at the ferry, the border patrol guy was totally amused by it. And, his colleague said they didn't allow bird killers in their country. I did make Ian remove it. He didn't want to touch it, but I was done having people think of us as bird killers.

Poor bird. But, I am pretty sure it didn't feel a thing.

Oh yeah, and lucky for you, I am thinking there will be a few more roadtrip posts coming your way over the next few days.


  1. Poor birdy! Recently, I have had several almost hits and I am freaked out because I always thought of birds like fish... they get close but you never actually can touch them. I look forward to the upcoming roadtrip posts! I'm interested to see how such a long drive goes! The furthest I did was from California to upstate NY (a measly 2758 miles).

  2. Welcome home! I can't wait to see and hear/read more of your adventures.

    P.S. Poor birdie...


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