Going Green

For the past while, I have been into green stuff. Saving the environment isn't that hard. But, it does take some effort. Today I was thinking, really we all do green stuff for a reason...monetary reasons, the environment, etc. Nothing is ever done just for the common good. It either makes us feel better about our decisions (saving the environment), is lighter on our wallets or some other far fetched reason. But, I don't think people just do something to do it...there is ALWAYS a reason.

So, here are some of the ways our little family is green and the reasons why:

Recycling - The Environment
Really it isn't hard to recycle. Around our parts, the recycling is picked up every other week. We have bins to put the various items in, then put them at the curb to be picked up. When we lived in California, we had a separate trash can that was picked up at the same time as our other trash. I have pretty much always been too lazy to take my recycling to get money, but I still recycle...cause it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Cloth Diapering - Money & the Environment
For minimal effort, I can save a lot of money and help with the landfills. Going above and beyond, I don't dry the cloth diapers as I read I could save 100 GBP a year by hang drying them. It works for me.

Our Little Car - Money
Our little car is amazing. We averaged 57 mpg while on our vacation a couple weeks ago. So, that obviously saves some cash. We originally decided on a diesel as the MOT (car registration) is 1/6 the annual price of the gas version...over here, the price of MOT is determined by the car's pollution. We also chose the diesel as the resale value is higher and it is considered a more desirable car.

Reusable Grocery Bags - The Environment
Over here most people use reusable grocery bags. Really it only makes sense. No longer do I have tons of grocery bags cluttering up my kitchen. Also, when taking groceries on a bus, those Trader Joe's canvas bags are much more reliable than flimsy little plastic bags. It costs a little money, but its worth the switch to save the landfills! And apparently has some upsides for me as well...see, not just for the common good!

Buying Recycled Goods - The Environment
Once again, this does cost a little extra money, but it does heaps of good. Not only are you helping the environment by buying recycled, but the more you support the recycled industry, the more it will grow, the more recycled products will become available, helping the environment. Oh, and going along with this is buying used items. This definitely helps the pocketbook. I have found stuff for Connor in new condition for almost nothing. Good for the environment and for me!

Reusable Coffee Cup
- Money
I have a Starbucks reusable coffee cup...made out of recycled material, nonetheless. I use it every time I go get coffee, whether I am sitting in or taking away (I guess that really only matters over here...there are mugs for sitting in). Every time you use a reusable cup, you save 25 pence (the GBP's version of cents). That's like money in my pocket!

Baby Food - Money
After the shock of seeing how much baby food costs at the store, I was hooked on making my own food for Connor. Buying veggies in bulk, making the food, then freezing it is much more economical than buying those little jars. And what is with those jars being glass?!? It seems like such a waste.

That is enough of a rant for you for today. Just know, doing little things can really help the environment and make you feel much better about your decisions. And most of those decisions are easier on the pocketbook, so good for the environment and you!

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  1. Good job Jessica! We started a paper recycling program at work a few months ago....wow two big trashcans of paper a week. Quite a surprise, and not that hard.


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