Morning Time

I am not a morning person. Anyone who knows me knows that. Getting out of bed has to be one of the worst feelings to me. I always feel delirious when I wake up and it just isn't fun. Once I am fully awake I am fine, but that waking up is just never fun.

Having Connor around has quickly made morning time my favorite time of the day. Connor is in such a great mood in the morning. He is happy, smiling, talking. He loves to eat his food and will even try to feed himself...though not always successfully!

Sitting on my living room floor, with a cup of coffee in one hand and baby cereal in the other, with the most adorable little boy in front of me, is bliss.

On a side note, Ian let me sleep in until 9:45am on Saturday. Even though I love my mornings with my little man, I love my sleep too!

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