Lessons from the Road...Italian Style

Driving around a country allows for a lot more perspective than just flying in and visiting. It allows you to visit more places, see more of the country and get a better feeling for the culture. Here are some of the things I noticed during our time in Italy:
  • Italians be CRAZY drivers! Speed limit? They don't care! Lanes? Not a problem! Going 100 mph, they don't have a problem driving in between cars, in between lanes. In the city, it's as if lights, lines or really driving rules in general don't matter. It seems to be every man for himself.
  • Italians have an extreme liking of Connor. Many stopped to talk to Connor...then us, before they realized we only spoke English. Some even touched Connor. This must be a cultural thing given than this didn't happen on my trip to the states or where I live.
  • Italians make the best cappuccinos. Seriously! I didn't have one bad cappuccino the whole time I was in that country. In fact, every one of them seemed to taste delicious. And, they are cheap...at least where we got them...at the non-touristy places.
  • Italy is covered in tunnels. You have to take a 7 mile tunnel just to get in the country. Then, we traveled thru at least 15 tunnels that were a mile in length while in the country. This made me realize, I HATE long tunnels! The paranoia sets in and it just isn't good.
  • Ian and I ate the best pastries of our short little lives at a cafe in Pisa. It was perfect. They didn't speak any English whatsoever, probably thought we were crazy, but our taste buds were happy and our bellies filled with delight.
  • Black licorice gum? Not quite sure (can't exactly read the package), but we picked up some gum at the grocery store and it tastes like black licorice, then after a few minutes turns to mint flavored. Weird, I know.
That's enough with my lessons thus far. Here are some pictures (now that I have come across some acceptable internet):
The 4th largest cathedral in the world, located in Milan

The roof inside the main cathedral in Milan

Connor cares more about his shoe than the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

On the Italian Riviera


  1. I love a good road trip, but you do take your life into your hands when driving through Italy. Hands down one of the most stressful experiences I've ever lived through was driving with my father-in-law through Rome. I NEVER want to repeat that experience.

    Looks like you are having so much fun though! Eat tons of gelato for me!

  2. I LOVE being Italian...for all the reasons listed and many more!!

    Wish I was there now...Glad you enjoyed it so much!


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