Spring is Here

Spring has arrived in Edinburgh and I couldn't be more excited about it! As most of you are "enjoying" your 90+ degree weather, I am basking in a beautiful 70 degree day...and it wouldn't be Edinburgh without at least a breeze in the air! To celebrate this momentous occasion, and to enjoy the weather, I met Ian on his lunch break and we had a picnic in the park. There are parks everywhere in Edinburgh and all of them are beautiful...the grass is always green (of course, they change it a couple times a year!) and the flowers always beautiful (which they are constantly planing new one's of these as well). I do constantly here people complaining about how much the government spends on the parks, but on days like today, most people are out enjoying them! Seriously, the sidewalks are full, every bench in the city is taken and people are laying on any available piece of grass. It makes me wonder, who is working today?!? It is nice to have a beautiful day off work. Of course, I am spending part of it playing on my computer! Better go back outside...

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  1. im glad to here the sun has finally found edinburgh!


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