Connor {ten years}

Connor turned ten a week ago and it just felt so monstrous and huge. Once he started school, the years just seem to fly by. And we are now on the downhill side of when he will be an adult and leaving the house. I felt very aware of that. I felt excited and happy but also a bit sad. A lot of growing up and changing has happened over the past year. Connor didn't even want me to bring cupcakes to his class for his birthday! But that worked out anyway, as on his birthday I surprised him and took him out of school for lunch and let him stay out the rest of the day.

The older my children get, the more difficult it feels to describe them. It feels so personal and they are ever changing (and should be allowed to), so I struggle with wanting to make sure I don't put them in a box or label them, but here goes a bit about Connor. 

Connor is a brilliant person. Truly brilliant. He no longer enjoys school like he used to, mostly sighting that it is boring. But then he will come home and watch videos to learn how to do algebra. The thirst for knowledge is definitely there. Connor is still very obedient in school and also does well. His teacher glowed about him at his parent teacher conference. Connor is playing the cello at school this year and that is perfect for him. He has a knack for music and does so well. He is also doing piano lessons with Ian's mom and plays the piano at home all the time...after we moved it into his room. He really enjoys playing it or really any instrument. 

Connor says he is hungry all the time, like it is a burden. Ian and I are like, "Hello, you are growing!!!" But I guess it could be annoying to feel like you always need to eat. His current favorites to eat are breakfast sandwiches and anything seafood, though I really just keep around tuna and some imitation crab for him to snack on. He also loves teriyaki chicken. For his birthday, I took him to a sushi restaurant for lunch, which he loves, then for dinner I made orange chicken, which he also loves. 

Connor enjoys reading and I find it hard to provide him enough books to read. He particularly likes the funny/slightly inappropriate books for kids and historical books. His favorite author is Stuart Gibbs, but he has read all his books. 

Parenting kids as they get older is an interesting thing. It's being there for them, but also giving them their space. It's allowing them to make mistakes, then talking through it later. I feel privileged to have Connor as a part of our family and know he will go far in life.

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