Callum {4 years}

My little sidekick is as spicy as ever! FOUR didn't slow him down. This kid has never met someone he didn't want to play with. He tries to pick up every stick he sees...even if it is a legitimate branch. He has more energy than anyone I have met. He loves running, jumping and playing with his beyblades, cars and duplos.

Callum has literally never met anyone who he didn't consider a friend. He wants to play with everyone he sees, including adults. He will hit someone and yell "tag", even strangers in Target! Playing tag, wrestling and throwing sticks are a few of his favorite ways to play. And, it seems the sand box is his jam at school. He told me one day after school that he threw sand at someone and I told him that isn't ok. He responded that it was because the kid threw it at him first and got it in his eye. Oh man.

When I was putting Callum to bed the other night, I was thinking just how far we've come. Ian and I used to take turns sitting next to his bed and holding his hand until he went to sleep. Sometimes it took hours. These days, as long as he hasn't napped, he is out within 10 minutes. But, getting him to slow down for bedtime can sometimes be hard. Like I said, the kid has energy. He loves reading books about cars, ninjas or monkeys jumping on the bed before bedtime. I tried stopping Callum's naps in the spring, but it was dicy and it really has taken until the fall for me to fully stop them. Of course, if we drive anywhere in the late afternoon, I really have to work to keep him awake. Because of no nap, his bedtime usually ends up being around 7:30. 

Callum is a stellar eater, eating mostly anything put in front of him. Though, he also has a serious sweet tooth and will go for candy at any possible time. When there are popsicles in the freezer, he is constantly helping himself to them. He also loves eggs, chicken, pretty much any fruit and yogurt drinks. 

Callum has gone to LA with my parents twice now alone and he asks to do it by himself all the time now. I think he likes all the attention on himself! He also likes talking to people on the phone and hanging up on them mid conversation. He has taken to asking me to take his picture at various times and I totally love it. 

This kid is a special one. He is fun to have around and certainly keeps me on my toes and keeps life interesting. 

Callum got to celebrate his birthday on the actual day at school. We brought in pizza for everyone, then Callum picked out airheads to send home with everyone too. Then, in the evening, we had our family over for cake and ice cream. Callum picked out a cake topped with Oreos. He got beyblades and nerf guns for his birthday, both his favorites. 

And now a little interview with Callum:

What is your favorite:
     color - blue
     food - McDonalds
     drink - apple juice
     ice cream - chocolate
     toy - beyblades and nerf guns 
     book - the pooping one (Everybody Poops)
     song - all of them
     tv show - Morphile
     movie - Star Wars (I don't think he's ever seen any)
     thing to do - poop (toilet humor is big these days!)
     game - car game (an app)
     sport - baseball
     animal - lion...they scratch people

Who is your best friend? Landon
What do you like doing with your friends? Playing nerf guns with Charlie
Where did you meet Landon? at home

What is your favorite thing about school? playdough 
What do you enjoy learning the most? music
What do you like to do on the playground? play in the sand box
Who do you play with at school? my friends

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