Approved for Entry

Today I had the priviledge of spending the first half of my day at the British Consulate. And, let me tell you, what an experience that was! First off, everything moves slow. Second there is NO privacy. And third, it is about the nicest goverment agency I have ever scene...maybe the Brits do a much better job a this than the Americans! After waiting for over an hour after our appointment was supposed to start, it was finally our turn at "the window". Thankfully the lady was nice and quickly processed our visas. She did tell us some interesting facts about Scotland in the process...."it's dreadfully cold", "you see castles in Scotland like you see 7-11s in the US"...things like that. The interesting part of the visa process came in the hour and a half (we got there early for our appointment) of waiting where I got to see everyone else be processed. Being that there is NO privacy, I could hear everything that was happening. Things like a guy being in the US illegally, a guy that was denied entry to the UK and a lady who married a guy from there and was now trying to join him. It was all interesting, yet boring at the same time! Anyhow, we got our visas and got out...I think this means we are officially going.

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  1. Glad it all went smoothly. You are legit now. Only a few more weeks to go...


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