The Fluorescent Paradise

As I was sitting on my desk today (yes I said ON), I was looking around my office thinking, I am going to miss this fluorescent paradise! Though the walls are dingy and the air is cold, there is heart to this place that I am going to miss. I am going to miss eaves dropping in on all of Julianne's conversations, running to the roof for supplies...without proper permission...and staring at the security cameras with a smile because I outsmarted the system by taking the stairs. This place has become like home. My co-workers, like family...well most of them anyway! And, unfortunately time and distance changes those feelings.

I sit below the fluorescent lights wondering what life has for me next. Obviously I will need to get a job in Edinburgh, but what kind of job? Will I fit in? Will I be able to understand people with accents? Will everything be different? I know I will still be me...I will still have the same clothes (was packing them up last night) and have the same best friend...Ian. I also know that those closest to me will always be there for me...even if I am 7500 miles away.

I only have 2 and a half weeks left under these lights. When we part ways, I know I will be sad...

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  1. I totally get it. You will miss that old office. Yet ahead is an adventure, a new land of opportunity. And remember,the Israelites missed Egypt. So contrary to the final scene in the Sopranos when AJ says, remember the good times-my advise to you is, remember the bad times. That's my new approach when I think of the past as "greener." I am only joking. It's good that you leave with love!

    This new season of your life is going to wonderfully wild. You must blog about it everyday. Many blessings. And you must remember-the bad times. lol.


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