The Big Arce Move

Today we lugged the remainder of our furniture to storage. What a task that was. It isn't very easy moving your whole house with just two people. Things always seem lighter when you are looking at them! Then there was Ian's huge tool box. It was my unicorn. Having to lift that thing into the truck was definitely a challenge. When we got over to storage, I had to stare at it a minute to build up my strength enough to get it back out of the truck. The interesting thing is it seems like we have gotten rid of so much "fluff", yet we still have tons of stuff. Oh well, it's good stuff...I like it! Seeing my bike be banned to a small storage space makes me sad. The Betty is such a great bike and she doesn't deserve to be locked up like this. Poor girl.

Okay, so about the moving part...moving heavy stuff brings out the best in you! It certainly brings out the best in me! And, because of that, I am glad that the heavy lifting is done. Now all we have to do is box up some odds and ends and get to cleaning. Hopefully most of this will be done when Ian leaves on Wednesday. But, my hope is just that, hope. Most likely there will be a decent amount left to do. My mom is going to come down for a day and help me. That should be good because she always works fast and never complains about the crappy stuff...I obviously didn't get my complaining side from her!

Alright, here's to me not having to move for a while! And, here's to you to not have to as well!

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