Saying Goodbye to Work

Saying goodbye at work was a process. Basically I had to keep working (so much to do) while making sure I still properly said by to everyone. On Thursday I had my goodbye lunch, followed by a party. It was great. It was my beach-themed, Goodbye California party. There was pizza and, just like I wanted, pink lemonade cupcakes. It was great.
Everyone was sitting around talking and having fun...just like I would want it. I just didn't want it to be like the normal goodbye lunches, all quiet and weird. There was definitely no weirdness there! Well, except maybe for some of the pictures taken! At the party, I was forced to open all my presents in front of know how much I enjoy that sort of thing! But it went well. People wrote really nice things about me (probably because I am leaving...ha, ha) and I walked away with some sizable loot. Nice! This is definitely a goodbye that I will forever remember!

Friday, even though it was my last day, was a busy day at work. I was sad on Thursday, but excited on Friday. It seemed fun. Everyone wanted to talk and hang out with me...okay, so I know this happened a lot already, but it was happening more than usual in the "party office". Everything was fine and dandy until Mr. Koop (my boss) went to leave. We had our little moment and said goodbye. After he left, I had a little cryfest, but pulled myself back together. It was all good. At the end of the day, I "decorated" my office nicely for the replacement...with pictures of me! I'm sure he will enjoy that one. Then I went out for one last time with my entourage. We went and got sundaes at McDonalds. It was a great way to end my time in the City of Angels.

The funny thing is, even as I sit here writing about saying bye, I still feel like I am going to work on Monday. Things don't seem or feel different, but I know in my heart that they are. But, it's good. It means only 2 more weeks until I see Ian. Three more weeks before we move into our new place. I just have to look forward and not back...but I will still keep in touch with those of you in the rear-view mirror! I am now one step closer to moving on...


  1. Can you get one of those cupcakes through customs for me?

  2. What a special day and a great pic. All you girls are so beautiful. And I'm with Ian, can you get me one of those cupcakes?

    Bon Voyage. I'll check back soon!

  3. We miss you, Jessica! (Especially ME!) Great picture and blog!

  4. those were tasty cupcakes :) The whole crew misses you - it's not the without you. Although your replacement is working hard trying to fill your shoes


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