One More Step in Moving On

Yesterday I did the walk-thru of my house and gave the keys to the renters. It was a weird feeling. I still have a key to my house, but can't just walk in. On Saturday when the house was finally clean and empty, there was a sad feeling inside of me. I don't think the feeling was over the house per-say, but more the fact that my life is changing. Everything is changing. My home, job, dog...literally my entire life is changing. I almost shed a tear over it. There is this bright future ahead of me, but I am still living in the present. And, that's hard. I am going at this alone right now. No Ian, no Riley (the dog), no nothing. Staying by myself...just me and my electronics (cell phone, computer, TV).

This morning, a great friend of mine (yeah, you know who you are) was talking about how easily we can keep in touch in this day and age. He/she (I want to hide their identity, ha, ha) was talking about what saying goodbye would have meant 100 years ago. Now I just have to remind myself, I AM NOT SAYING GOODBYE! People, we can stay connected...maybe you just want me to leave, but still. I have so many ways at my fingertips to keep in touch (i.e. this dang blog!). But, at the same time, nothing is as good as human touch and human interaction. So, every once in a while, some of you will need to get on a plane, fly to Scotland and give me that human interaction that I need! Of course, I will probably have replaced you by then with people from Scotland. Okay, so that won't be the case for all of you!

So, here am I, sitting here pondering...that is what I do a lot lately...this dang move. People constantly ask if I am excited. To be honest, not really right now. I seem to be in a mourning phase right now for what I am leaving behind. I know there is a great life ahead of me, but that doesn't mean I can't be sad for what I am leaving...but, as a wise person once said, "remember the bad times!"


  1. Now THAT is some friend. :) I love that you're blogging, and I vow to TRY and be "good" and keep up with it like another "wise one" we know. Hee.

  2. Technology is great! All you need is a web cam. Or, get some video and post it. That would awesome. I love it that Ian has a blog too for all of your nosey friends.

    We will have to have Kate start a private blog-a forum for you to connect daily and discuss non-profit ethics and other pertinant topics. lol

    Many Blessings. Yes, remember the bad times. There were plenty of them. xoxo

  3. lol - That girl cracks me up! She may be on to something, though. open forum for such topics. Could be dangerous. Ha.

    In reality we'll likely connect more now than we did in the office. OK, maybe not, but it makes me feel better to say that. Muah!


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