Bye Bye, Mr. Ian

This afternoon, Ian began his trek over the great pond to Edinburgh. He actually is going to Glasgow, because that is where he is staying until he finds us a place to live. Ian's departure was bitter-sweet. It means the journey has begun and this is actually happening. But, it also means my life must go on for a couple weeks without him....I have to continue boxing up the last of our crap, painting and cleaning our place without him...totally selfish, I know.

Ian gets to fly business class, so he's riding it style. He got to check in on the side where there aren't any lines and didn't really have to wait for security. Then, to top it all off, he got to hang out in a lounge where there was free food! Think three weeks later, me flying economy. There won't be any of these luxuries. I am bound to long lines at check in and security. Then I get to fight for a seat in front of the gate. A seat that has been farted in and seen who knows how many butts that day! Oh well, I am happy for Ian and his getting to ride in style.

I am definitely going to miss Ian over the next couple weeks. Loosing your built in entertainment can really put a dampner on things. But, before you know it, I will be off too...


  1. We'll have to call you a suffering servant! If you're lucky you'll get bumped at the gate???

  2. Never fear, they will recognize how important you are to the mission and bump you to FIRST class :)

  3. Ah Poor Girl! Life sucks. Ha. You won't go unrewarded. This moving process is almost over. Yeah!


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