The Yuck Factor

There are certain things that I run into from time to time that really just gross me out. This first one, I run into at the gym all the time. This is guys spitting loogies in the drinking fountain. They just sit there on the drain for everyone to stare at...grossness! I don't understand how anyone can find this acceptable. Speaking of spitting, I have even seen people spit on the floor of the bus! People can really lack manners sometimes!

Another yuck factor is when using a public toilet, seeing people leave without washing their hands! Not only are you in public, so you should do it to not gross others out, but also, since you are using a public toilet, there are many more germs you are coming into contact with. Why NOT wash your hands?

Lastly, and this is an odd one, on Saturday a lady at my work took her beverage, which was in a mug, into the bathroom. She ended up spilling it and I had to clean it up. But, my question is, why would you ever take your drink into the bathroom with you?!? Especially at my work...the bathrooms are about 3 feet wide. You can barely move in them and the only place to set the cup would be on the back of the toilet or on the floor. Grossness!

Every single one of us needs to think about our daily actions. We need to think of the yuck factor we are causing. And, if there is a yuck factor in there, it should be stopped! Or at least, only allow your nasty habits out in the comfort of your own home!


  1. That is awful! I would have vomited! I'll send Reghan to you and you an have more "yuck factor" moments.


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