Someone's got a case of the Friday's...and it's me! Seriously, today was such a good day and nothing could damper my spirits. It was quite the eventful day today as well. We got our first snow of the season, which to me means that it is officially winter. The funny part is, I think I have actually adapted to the cold!?! I know, what's up with that?!? But, it is cold enough to snow (30 degrees to be exact) and even though I thought it was chilly, I wasn't bundled up like an eskimo and still felt fine. I never thought I would see the day when I actually adapted to the cold weather!

Today a great author (my opinion) who wrote some infamous books about a boy with a lightning bolt scar on his head came in not one, but two times. And to cap it all off, she was in in two different outfits, both times very smartly dressed. The first time, she was in writing. Whenever she is writing, she always tries to be inconspicuous, usually by sitting huddled in a corner and always covering up her writing. But, I can understand, being how famous her writing is.

Lastly, I would like to "entertain" you with some of the happenings from my day:

* I woke up at 4:30am...and drank a red bull (sugar free of course) on my way to
work, at 5:15am.
* I started drinking coffee at work at around 7:15am (A girl can never be too
caffeinated, right?!?)
* It snowed. All work stopped and we all just stared in awe at the wonder that is
* I sat down and discussed my future with my manager...I came up with some crazy
ideas, but what do you expect from a person like me when you say "Let's discuss
your future"?
* I came home from work and took a three hour nap (obviously all that caffeine
at work didn't affect me too much)...bad move on my part as I will now be up half
the night!
* It is now 9pm and the ever so unorganized Ian and Jessica are finally making's going to be good. I have combined all the random items in our
refrigerator to create a feast. (Cut up baked potatoes, with onion, hamburger
meat and cheddar cheese.) Seriously, I am looking forward to it!


  1. Let me tell you about my Friday. . .I got woke up at 7am (not that I wanted to get up that early)went out in the freezing cold, ok so it was only 49 but cold to me none the less. I then spent almost 8 hours laying around the house alone while the people were at the hospital and then on to Sacramento. I then had a great lunch of roasted chicken, carrots and pasta, then took a little nap. Played this evening after dinner and have been on the work desk for a couple of hours. Will head to bed in a couple of hours. You might say "It's a dogs life"!

  2. Well it sounds as though both you and Riley have had very eventful fridays...... Sounds so great! Guess what I did on Friday..... I went to school!!!!

  3. Oh and it was almost 80 degrees....and Pik got a hair cut!

  4. I am glad you had a wonderful Friday! I wish I could have been there to share it with you...we could have topped it off with a Costco run for old times sake. My Friday was full of holding a very sick child, Reghan not Robbie. Love ya girl! Counting down the days unitl December! See you soon.

  5. My Friday was filled with 13 hours of driving for work! I got to see the aftermath of a shooting at a liquor store in Watsonville on my way through for the 4th time that day.
    The good part about Friday was that for the first time in months, I see hope of winter coming to us!
    Love you sister!


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