Usually I relish having dreams. They seem a fun thing to happen while you are asleep and generally mean I got a good night's sleep. Lately, I have been having crazy dreams. Nothing nightmare-ish or anything like that. More just weird.

Last night, the bus drove past me two different times without picking me up. So, I decided since I was running late, I would drive to work...it can't be that hard anyway, right? I was walking to my car (which happened to be my old SAAB convertible) and just as I was unlocking it, Ian walks up behind me and tells me he thinks it would be a bad decision and I need to go wait for the bus again. It was totally random.

Another night, another dream. I decided Ian and I should go to a nice dinner and went to a restaurant to make dinner reservations. It was the middle of the week and I wanted reservations for Saturday. As the lady was writing in my reservation, I noticed the reservation above ours was some really good friends of my parents. Totally random! (In real life, my mom has talked about them on the phone with me lately, but still totally random for them to show up in my dream!) Then, as a thank you for making a reservation, the hostess gave me a fruit basket...I have no clue what the fruit basket is about!

Seriously, I can go on and on with these dreams. Two nights ago, it was me getting in trouble at work. I just think it is all too weird. Who has dreams every night? And WHO actually remembers them? And since when did they get so detailed? Maybe the nice (you know, low 60 degrees) weather over here has gone to my head!

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