I bought this bottle of pickles (or cucumber spears, as the bottle was labeled) last week and rather quickly devoured it. As I was drinking the juice from the bottle today (I know, so gross, yet SO GOOD) I noticed an interesting "warning" on the bottle:

Once removed, do not return cucumbers back into the jar.

Why? That doesn't even make sense. Is it due to cross contamination? If so, if I'm the only person eating from the jar, what does it matter? I need to know people! I need to know!

Oh, and pickles aren't called pickles over on this side of the pond...they are gherkins.


  1. This reminds me of when you and Reghan shared the jar of pickles. Just wait, she will want to do it again as soon as she sees you in May. I promise to have a large jar waiting. And because I am a good friend, you can drink the juice.

  2. That is disgusting! I hate pickles!

  3. This is so gross. . . I don't think that even I would drink pickle juice!!!

  4. That's not fair Riley, you won't even eat french fries! At least I have a pickle eating friend in Reghan!


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