A Weekend Fit For Us

I feel like often times weekends are spent doing things that need to be done around the house or heading out on adventures. But it's not often that we do a bunch of things that really speak to each of our personalities and likes. So when this weekend just sort of happened, it had me chuckling about how various things we did suited each of our personalities so well. 

The weekend started off with my brother, aunt and I having a yard sale. Yard sales are the type of thing I enjoy and totally suit my personality. I love cleaning out and I love making a few bucks in the process. Plus, it was fun to spend a morning with my brother and aunt. 

As soon as the garage sale was over, we went straight to buy Ian a car. This man is a bit of a car hoarder, I tell you. Funny story...when we were first married, Ian became friends with his car mechanic. He used to go hang out at the shop on the weekends. The guy was 10-15 years older than us and owned at least 7 random cars. Fast forward 13 years and we currently own 4 random cars...and a practical Honda Pilot. Anyway, added to our collection this weekend is a '92 (or maybe '93?) Volvo 240 wagon. Swedish gold, as Ian said. He promises one of the other cars will make an exit from our family soon. Because, let's be honest, we only have so much driveway space and I refuse to become like our old neighbors that had so many cars, they parked all over their lawn! 

After getting the car, we installed three car seats in it, so we could take the kids out on an adventure. I used some of my yard sale money to buy us all dinner. We let the kids choose where we would go, knowing full well what they would choose, Sushi Garden. It's their favorite, which I find such a crack up, given how picky they normally are. 

Sunday was full of church, laundry, napping, birthday present picking (hoping? wishing?) by Isla, a little self makeover also by Isla, and finished with dinner at our house with my parents and brother. Unfortunately, it also ended with two kids having fevers, but you can't win em all and it still was a pretty dang great weekend. 

Just in case you didn't get how the weekend matched our personalities, the yard sale spoke to my purging tendencies, the car to Ian's hoarding (haha!), dinner being the kids favorite, Isla's makeover and family. Because who doesn't like spending time with family?

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