You guys, toddlers are hard work. But, they are also so incredibly adorable. This little guy slays me on the daily with his little antics. His latest thing is the cheese face. I don't even tell him to smile. I pull out my phone or camera and he poses. It is hysterical. He usually backs up against whatever he is standing near, tilts his head to one side and gives me this toothy smile. It just slays me, I tell ya. 

And here's the thing, dealing with a toddler may be physically exhausting...not only will they wake up endlessly while getting molars, they also will empty the contents of your tupperware drawer ten times a day. But, they aren't to the mind games yet. They unabashedly come to you for a hug. They lay their little heads on your shoulder. They still prefer you over mostly everyone else. They really are great little people and toddlerhood really is a sweet, sweet time. 

I obviously say all this while having to deal with the bigger kid problems that come from school. Just as some day I will probably be yapping about how second grade is a walk in the park compared to junior high...oh junior high. That is literally the time of parenting I fear the most. Such an awkward stage as a person, so I can only imagine having to be the parent of someone going through that. 

But toddler cheese smiles, those are pretty dang awesome. 

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  1. To take care of toddlers are really a tough job one can have, they are so naughty at the early ages and not everyone can see them perfectly like the parents can do

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