Connor's birthday party

We had Connor's birthday party on his birthday at Rockin Jump. It was his choice. And I have to admit, walking away from the mess made me feel like it was a good choice! It really was a good party and a good group of kids and Connor said it was the best night of his life, so I would call that a huge win. We practically had the place to ourselves. No joke, there were only three other people there and they were only there for part of the party. It made it perfect for the kids to be able to run and do what they wanted. It also made it perfect that we could let Callum jump without really having to supervise him (I mean right on the trampolines with him, obviously we were standing close watching), since it was so empty. 

After an hour of jumping and playing, we headed to the party room. Everyone ate pizza, then finished off with cupcakes. Just like myself, Connor doesn't exactly like being sung happy birthday to, but he handled it like a champ. When it came time to presents, all the kids were literally huddled around Connor. Like huddled so tight the parents couldn't even watch. It was the year of the nerf gun and Connor got six. He was thrilled and proceeded to test them all out in our backyard the next day. 

After presents, it was time to pack up and head home. Of course, by this time, it was bath time for all three of my sweaty tired children! It was a really good time celebrating Connor. 

^^ His party doing a dodgeball game together

^^ All the kids from the party. Notice Callum over on the side. He couldn't be bothered to stop jumping for a photo! 

And just like that, the boy who made me a mom is eight. He was celebrated at school with doughnuts on his birthday and his party was that evening. So his birthday was definitely one jam packed with celebration.

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