A christmas gift guide with more than just candles and scented lotions

I tend to not like buying gifts unless I think they are cool. I literally find it pointless to give a gift unless it is something someone would truly enjoy. Giving something just to give something isn't my style. But sometimes it is hard to come up with the perfect gift that just screams that person's name. The next best thing? Something unique or practical. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

A Stendig calendar for the hipster in your life. 
Or a modern picture calendar for the grandparent in your life. 

Or this shirt for the adventurer in your life. 

A cool pour over for the coffee snob in your life. 
Or just a bag of coffee from your local coffee roaster for the person that likes to support small and local. 

A scratch map for the world traveler in your life.
Or a national parks poster. It's a fun piece for anyone's wall.

An inspirational book for anyone in your life that needs to take a moment to breathe.
Or an easy to make photo book for just about anyone, though I think moms and grandparents love them the most. 

Handmade body frosting for the woman in your life...I know I said no scented lotions, but this stuff is amazing. 
All natural face wash for the crunchy lady in your life. 

A house plant for the introvert in your life...because we totally dig house plants over people. #itsthetruth
Or a fake house plant for the person that can't keep the real ones alive. 

A bead subscription to your favorite local bread maker for the foodie in your life. 
Or perhaps just a few bars of chocolate, because who doesn't like chocolate?!

And for those that do like their house smelling good, this room spray is just so good. 

So, do you have any gift ideas you would like to share? I am always looking for something new and unique to give and would love to hear. 

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  1. Love this list, especially these days when my brain is full of things to do and confused about presents to give. Hope to feel grounded soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing amazing information !!!!!!
    Please keep up sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing amazing information !!!!!!
    Please keep up sharing.

  4. 感謝分享驚人的信息!!!!!!

  5. Well, it’s a nice one, I have been looking for. Thanks for sharing such informative stuff.

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  7. I am new visitor here Christmas is the great day for Christians as the Muslims and other religions are make their special days


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