It's Still Fall

Fall doesn't end until December 20th. But it seems like most people skipped fall this year. As soon as halloween was over, everyone switched to christmas. So many people I know decorated their homes for christmas as soon as November hit. I even saw trees lighting up some windows on my street. It's kind of crazy.

But fall is still here. And since we have gotten almost no rain, all the leaves are still so beautiful and crunchy. They are fun to walk in. They are fun to play long as one knows for certain it's a clean leaf pile. Yeah, we learned that one first hand a couple weeks ago. Dog poop and kids...YUCK! 

Callum absolutely loves leaves. Like LOVES them. Every time he sees even just a few, he grabs them and throws them in the air. It is really quite cute. Plus, we have taken to running the stroller through all the leaf piles on the way to school. All the kids laugh...and all my neighbors are probably looking at me through their windows with scorn on their faces for messing up their leaf piles. Oh well, you only live once, so I may as well mess up some leaf piles for fun.

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some christmas. I even decorated our house the day after thanksgiving. But, I also have an adorable December baby and it really seems that christmas can't arrive until after his birthday has been celebrated. This little guy will be two come Saturday, and once he is properly celebrated, let the christmas festivities commence!

Even then, you will still see me running through all the leaf piles, much to the distain of my neighbors.

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