Our 2017 Family Photos & Christmas Card

The one big thing to me about family photos are the actual family photos. I just can't seem to get all of us in the frame otherwise. Tripod and timers don't work well for us and it doesn't seem often that I remember to have someone snap a photo of the five of us together when we are somewhere. Plus, I feel like I do a good job at getting pictures of the kids on an all the freaking time basis. So really, the pressure is on for a good photo with all of us in it. 

You can't tell by these pictures, but Callum was literally running away from us 90% of the time we were trying to take pictures. On the drive to our photos, I told Ian I knew this year was going to be a hard one photo wise. Last year Callum wasn't walking, this year he is constantly running. And pictures with toddlers are NEVER easy. Let's just say, he didn't underperform. But, our amazing photographer, Leah Galloway, over performed and got so many amazing pictures of the five of us. I was seriously blown away. I already got a bunch of them printed out and in frames in our house. 

Going hand in hand with family photos are christmas cards. For years now, I've been a sucker for the review type card. This year was no different. I am a bit of a card snob and went with Minted for a second year in a row. I got an amazing deal (several stacked discounts for the win) and love their quality. Not to mention, they took a couple days getting them printed, so overnighted them to me at no extra cost...in fact, they informed me of this, I didn't ask for it. Talk about amazing customer service! 

Speaking of christmas cards, I have gotten loads in the mail. A few people have mentioned feeling awkward asking for my address, but it has made me feel so excited over how many people have gone out of their way this year to participate in my christmas card challenge. And the cards this year haven't disappointed. From the scalloped edges, to the foil overlays. From the beautiful handmade, to the funny photo. I've loved them all. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to each of you that have sent me a card. It has filled my mailbox and card wall with love this year...but the challenge isn't over until the end of December, so no winner will yet be declared. So for you procrastinators out there, there's still time! 

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