Just Gnoming Around

Get it? 

Instead of just clowning around, just gnoming around. 

Yep, I really do love gnomes that much. 

Buddy the elf says the best way to spread christmas cheer is to sing it loud for all to hear. But I am inclined to believe it really is to put on a pair of festive pjs and have some fun. Actually, not even pjs, just festive clothes. Last week at the park, this kid was wearing the cutest christmas dinosaur sweater. It made me smile. I enjoyed it so much that introvert Jessica actually started up a conversation with a perfect stranger just to talk to her about her son's awesome sweater. I tell ya, the older I get, the more generous I become with my complements, even doling them out to perfect strangers. But festive pjs, something that even a couple years ago I would have found an unnecessary frivolous splurge, have become something I enjoy getting. Of course, I am still very much me and managed to stack two coupon codes and a sale when buying them this year!

I got all the kids the same pjs as mine. They are Isla's favorite. She wears them as soon as they are washed. She wore them to pajama night at church and is planning on wearing them to pajama day at school on Friday. Even Connor likes his. I'm sure it's the gnomes. Because, when do gnomes not make people smile?! Come on, even the hardest of hearts crack a smile looking at adorable gnome Callum!

I really do love gnomes that much. Seriously.

Speaking of gnomes, did you know I've had a gnome stolen off my porch only to be returned a week later? Or that someone anonymously sent me one in the mail. And, just a couple weeks ago, one showed up in my yard, with gnome care instructions coming in the mail a few days later.

So, I'm just going to be over here gnoming around until Christmas.

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