Goodbye, My Dear Gnome

I know many of you will think I am a crazy person after reading this. I already realize I have a weird attachment to certain inanimate objects. Its just how I am. 

Last night when I opened the front door to take out the trash, I immediately realized something looked different. My gnome was gone. My friendly little gnome from Scotland was gone. Its not like he was expensive, but to me he was special. Before you go all crazy on me telling me that I shouldn't have something that important in my front yard, lesson learned. But still, shouldn't I be able to have something on my front porch, on my property, and not have to worry about it?! Stupid society! 

What makes me sad is some punk teenager probably stole him and is just going to smash him for fun. I'm going to miss you little fellow. Thank you for serving my doorsteps well over the years. 

P.S. I am still holding out hope that someone took my gnome to travel the world 


  1. Awwww! That's so awful! I'm sorry. There's nothing wrong with liking your little gnome and you should be able to have him in your front yard! It's an awful way to live to put NOTHING valuable outside. That's stupid. Urgh. Where'd you get him? This makes me so upset!

    1. I got him at Scotland's version of Walmart. Not exactly a collectible, but I loved him still.


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