How I Met Your Father {two}

It's been a while, so if you want to refresh your memory on where we were, feel free to here

Like I said, Ian kissed me for the first time, then the next night went to prom with another girl named Jessica. If I was older, I so wouldn't have allowed that. But, I was young and smitten, so it wasn't a big deal. And that other Jessica, she wasn't even a hiccup in our love story. Moving on...

That first summer was a good one. We stayed up to all hours of the his house, of course, given that his curfew was so early. Sorry Grimbleby's, we will probably never let this one go! You can torture us once our kids are teenagers! I can remember sitting on the couch watching a movie at his house, holding hands. Ian's mom walked in the room and he instantly let my hand go. Then we progressed to cuddling (another night) and Ian practically pushed me across the room when his mom walked in. Aww, young love and learning to deal with it all in front of the parents! 

School started again. Ian played football. I went to the games with our friends. I didn't really pay attention. Sorry Ian, football isn't really my thing. After the games, I would usually go back to his house and watch a movie. For Christmas, Ian got me a heart shaped necklace. A necklace I still have today. He wrapped it in a piñata. A piñata I still have today. I actually thought about throwing out the piñata a couple months ago, but just wasn't ready to let go. 

Then there was new years. It was Y2K people. That was kind of a big deal. Ian decided to have a bunch of friends over and we would all spend the night. Given that it would be inappropriate for me to sleep anywhere near Ian, I had to sleep across the house in Ian's little brother's room, while everyone else (a couple girls included) got to sleep in the living room. Oh, the hard life of the girlfriend. Apparently I was one that couldn't be trusted! 

Us at Ian's winter formal:

Sometime in the middle of those winter months, I wrote Ian a card telling him all the reasons why I loved him, ending it with saying (okay, writing...I took the wussy easy lame way out) I love you. That was a first. Ian didn't say anything about the card. I was dying with uncomfortableness. Finally, one night we were sitting in my car out in front of his house. It was raining...I always loved how my car sounded like being in a tent in the rain (it was a convertible). My head was laying against Ian. We were sitting there quietly and he just says "I love you". I remember being so excited. I was so glad he wasn't looking at me in the face because I had the worlds biggest smile on my face. 

I went to Ian's prom again with him that year. My hair had glitter in it and it ended up all over Ian. I remember Ian's mom making jokes about it. A suggestion to you Isla, don't put glitter in your hair. That way you won't get harassed when your boyfriend ends up with it all over his shoulders. 

Like a week before Ian's high school graduation, he came down with mono. Everyone seemed to wait for me to get it, but I never did. I have a super good immune system...or something like that. It sucked while Ian had mono. His parents practically didn't want me visiting Ian because he needed to rest. It sucked. That is one of the biggest things I remember about that summer. Ian being stuck at home recovering and me going out with friends every night because, lets face it, a girl's still gotta have fun! 

But big changes were right around the corner. We were both headed off to college...3.5 hours apart. 

P.S. Its funny to look back at old times and think about how annoying parents were. Now we are well on our way to being those over-bearing, strict parents ourselves. Scary. 

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  1. I love reading these. And boy, oh boy, do I remember the glitter in the hair! Gotta love it! Is it a small pinata? Was there anything else in it? Does he still have the love note from you?


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