Connor's Room - version 2.0

Remember how I mentioned I decided to rip up Connor's carpet and it ended up being a much bigger project than expected? Well, exactly a week later, Mr. Connor is back in his room.

Let me fill you in on the floor drama. Knowing that all but two rooms in the house are hardwood, I figured in those two rooms the wood was just covered in carpet. Connor's carpet has been bugging me lately because it is just so dirty. So I decided I would pull it up. When moving the furniture, I discovered mold all along the baseboard behind Connor's dresser. When we pulled up the carpet, the bottom side of the carpet that was under his dresser was all moldy as well...from his humidifier. So stinking disgusting! And what lay beneath the carpet pad was also a disgusting mess - some nasty 30+ year old glue. And boy was it work trying to remove it. We were on our hands and knees scrubbing. Finally Ian had the sense to talk to our neighbor about it. He does house re-models. He told Ian he would help re-do the floors and also said that old glue is nasty, like full of bacteria. Makes me glad we were on our hands and knees scrubbing in it! GROSS. Anyway, on Sunday the floor was sanded down and varnished. Another coat of varnish went on yesterday and today Connor got to move back in his room.

I did some updating in his room in the process. I stole the rug from Isla's room to use in here. Don't worry, she will get a new one. Using some Ikea bookshelves, I made him some storage benches (I got the idea from here). I still have to make the top cushions, but I am so pleased with how they turned out.

I stole the blue containers from Isla's closet and took the 7up crates from other places in our house. Instant storage! And tons of it. I love how streamlined it looks.

These cool bookshelves are actually spice racks from Ikea with a coat of spray paint on them. And the stuffed animal storage is a wall plant basket I picked up second hand.

Here's the room one more time for you:

Aww, I love how grown up, clean and streamlined it looks.

And in case you care, you can read/see the progression of Connor's room from the time we moved in - when we first moved in and when we switched him to a toddler bed.


  1. looks great! and that is a sharp looking dresser!

  2. What a darling room. I'm nearly done with Hooper's and will be posting a room tour soon. I bought the same spice racks from Ikea to use as book shelves (I stained mine). Super cheap and super cute. I love the green paint you used and the wood floor looks fantastic (worth all the scrubbing!).

    Ashley @ The Stork and The Beanstalk

  3. This is fantastic!!! I totally want to come over to play, lol or sit on that AWESOME bench and watch the boys play! Great job guys!!!


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