What I Wore {eleven}

This dress is the epitome of versatility. I have worn it through pregnancy, through postpartum horribleness and back again. When I bought it SIX YEARS AGO, I don't think I really understood how well this $20 investment would be to me. Seriously, a dress that can fit a full term pregnant woman and back again and still look good?! That just be crazy! To top it off, the top is super stretchy, thus making it the perfect nursing top.* Loves it!

Dress: Forever 21
Necklace: PacSun
Shoes: H&M

I know its a good thing to get a lot of use out of clothes, but sometimes I think I am a bit cheap  of a loser fashionably handicap because I wear the same clothes for so long. Just saying.

* When I bought this dress, pregnancy and nursing were about the farthest things from my mind. Way to go 2006 me for picking up a dress that has served me so well!


  1. I think that dress is adorable! I always love it when I feel like I got my money's worth (and then some!) out of my clothing.

  2. I love your summer dress! What a deal!


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