When Did This Happen?

First I looked at the date and was all thrown off thinking something was wrong. Certainly it can't be the end of JULY already. Seriously people. Why is life flying by so freaking quickly?!

And then this adorable little person is now standing up in her crib. We only lowered it from the top setting last month. Now we need to lower it to the bottom. That makes me feel like Isla is so grown up...and also makes it so much harder for me to lay her down when she is sleeping. But I guess I will take one for the team all in the name of safety.

You should have seen Isla when I walked in this morning. I was freaking shocked to see her standing in her crib and she was just totally proud of herself. And she was loving bouncing up and down on her bed. And then tonight, I was reminded of a new phase of life. The I-can-stand-in-my-crib-and-scream-instead-of-sleep phase of life. Awww, it seems like we were just there with Connor...


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