This mama is guilty of giving her 9 month old, yes, 9 month old, a lolly pop. Wowsers. Judge away

Aww, I remember the days...back when I made all the food that Connor consumed. There were no added salts or sugars. All fresh and natural. Then something happened. The baby food maker broke. I then broke the blender. And then I lost my motivation. 

Then the other day, I found myself in a store. Connor was happily sucking away on a lolly pop, Isla turned around and snatched that lolly pop from him like her life depended on it. It made her happy. She didn't choke. She enjoyed every last suck of that lolly pop. 

Yep. I now give my 9 month old lolly pops. Like I said, judge away. Just remember, I will be here to judge right back once you have two little ones and are trying to get some errands done. 


  1. Psh, mommas shouldn't judge one another. Just not allowed. Motherhood should like a sacred bubble of non-judgmental-ism.

  2. Whateves... You're a fantastic momma and no sucker is gonna change that!


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