Sibling Love

There is something about seeing Connor and Isla together that melts my heart. I think it has to do with me thinking of my childhood and the built in buddies I was raised with. It just makes me happy that they have each other.

I love watching Isla smile huge when Connor is doing something funny...which to her is ALL THE TIME.

Or seeing both of them needing to play with what the other person has...or for that matter, eating what the other person has! Or perhaps even sitting in mom's lap at the same time!

And just so you know, my kids are totally normal. Just like the relationship I had with my brothers, one zillion times a day, I have to stop Connor from stepping on Isla's little hands, pinching her, hitting her over the head, poking her cheeks with a little too much excitement...yet somehow, through it all, she still thinks her brother is the best.

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  1. ack! why do they look so old?

    I was talking with a woman from church about siblings yesterday. It would break my heart if I could - for whatever reason - only have one child. You love each other so completely, knowing exactly how to push each others buttons, but loving and protecting each other at the end of the day.


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