Nuby in the Community {two}

A few days ago, I was able to participate in my second Nuby in the Community event. I was able to give out product to Families like us, a local adoption support group through Bethany Christian Services. Both families that have already adopted and families waiting for placement are a part of the group. And everyone was able to take home some Nuby loot!

Getting the product in the mail for these events is exciting because you never know what you will get. When I opened up the box and saw it filled with colorful section plates, I was excited. What a great product to give out at a BBQ! And, section plates are something no family can have enough of. One of the moms in the group even said that and talked about how great these plates are. 

My helper wasn't much of a help that day. He was more interested in checking out the product. I even tried numerous times to get pictures of us together and eventually gave up, ditched the camera and decided to just enjoy myself. Sometimes the photographer in me gets stressed out trying to capture the moment and it is then I realize I need to set the camera down and enjoy myself. So, sorry for the lack of pictures. 

Feel free to read about my first Nuby in the Community event here

If you have babies, or are expecting one, be sure to like Nuby USA on Facebook. They do weekly giveaways where they give away massive amounts of product at a time. A few of my friends have already won things. Exciting! 

And if you are a mom and on twitter, be sure to check out Nuby's ver first twitter party on July 24th. I am not an active one on twitter, and a twitter party seems way over my head, but I think I may try to figure it out...and perhaps win a prize ;) 

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