The Fourth

Happy 4th of July from my end of the world to yours. 

Hopefully your fourth was filled with as much family and fun as mine...and maybe a little less DIY than mine, but more on that later. 

We started off the day at a parade downtown, where Connor was not into it at all. He was freaking out, been doing that a lot lately. Ian took him somewhere to calm down for a bit. My parents, Isla and I enjoyed the parade. 

After we got home, we had some hamburgers and started a little project that is going to take a little more time and effort than I hoped. We ripped up the carpet in Connor's room to discover almost every inch of the hard wood is covered in glue. Fun times for us! So it appears Connor will be sleeping in or room for a few days...and his dresser will enjoy taking up all the walking space in our dining room. 

After an exhausting afternoon of scraping and scrubbing, we bathed the kids and headed out to watch a little fireworks show. Connor didn't like the noise, but tolerated it. And Isla, she seemed interested at first, but then really didn't care. Maybe next year. As for me, I got butterflies as the national anthem was being sung. I love America, even if I love Scotland too. 

Did you get up to much on the 4th?


  1. What a great family pic! No fun about all that glue. That's not a fun surprise!

  2. I love seeing your whole family together... You can really see where all the individual features came from. I'm sorry Connor wasn't really into the show(s). Maybe next year.


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