Avocado Be Good

In our house, avocado is a staple just like milk. I kid you not. It is that important to us. I am guessing it has something to do with both Ian and I being raised in California. Connor wasn't a fan of avocado for the longest time, though now he will gobble it up like the rest of us. But Isla, she is a smart one. She instantly took to avocado. Maybe it has something to do with her being a California native...hmmm...

Slimy avocado can be a bit of a challenge for chubby little fingers to go after. 

But it's so good, it's worth the effort. 

In fact, it is so good, if your fingers just can't seem to grab it, 

you should just use your mouth! 

If only you knew how much pleasure I got out of watching Isla trying to eat the avocado off the table! Avocado be good though and totally worth it. And I'll be honest, I've been known to lick a guacamole bowl clean a time or two. I told you, that green stuff be good! 


  1. Omigosh, I LOVE avocado. My grandma used to eat it straight and I'd see that it was green, lump it in with gross vegetables and never eat it. Now I know better.

  2. Thats how I eat my avocado to....right off the table

  3. We are looking forward to some "fresh" avacado
    See you soon. Made our day.


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