Craziness Ensues

Life's been a little hectic these last few days. Remember Connor's room? We haven't made much progress, so he is still in our room. And in case you were wondering, a crib/toddler bed length wise is the same width wise as a queen size bed. Interesting, right? 

Oddly enough, Connor has been doing great in our room. Taking naps every day, which he hasn't been consistently doing for a while now. Except for last night. Last night he got up at 2am...FOR THE DAY. That made for a not so happy mommy this morning who had to be at a meeting today and needed to be functioning. But the good news is, our neighbor is going to help Ian refinish the floor in Connor's room tomorrow...or should I say, Ian is going to help him?! Either way, I am excited to get a dresser our of my dining room, toys out of my living room and an extra bed out of my bedroom. And I am thinking Connor will be happy to be back in his room given that he keeps saying, "I fix my room".

Isla has been crawling all over the place. Its so cute to watch her jerky crawls. And since she is now mobile, she is content to play for a while by herself now because she can roam the house! Of course, I forgot how babies are drawn like magnets to all the wrong things. Things like peeling paint (of which we have too much of at our house, unfortunately) electrical cords and anything she finds on the floor she puts in her mouth.

And me? Well, because of the chaotic state of my house, I have been cleaning like crazy. I think because there is so much I currently don't have control over, I have been taking control over what I do. I really have been hyper-productive around the house these past few days. I kind of hope I keep it up. But I am guessing once I get Connor's room all back together (with a few modifications I have in mind) I will crash hard. 


  1. Oh man girly! 2AM for the day!! That is ROUGH!!

    Isla is so dang cute!!! Praying that Connor's room gets fixed SOON!!!

  2. Sucks about the 2am! Sounds like me on Christmas I still get excited ha ha cute pics!!

  3. Those crawling pictures! So great! And yeah, I know what you mean about having it under control (for now) but knowing it's not sustainable.... I hope you get some rest soon!


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