Awkward/Awesome {eight}

Awkward: It's been so long, you thought I forgot about awkward/awesome posts
Awesome: Thankfully, I haven't and am feeling inspired to write one

Awkward: Having a cashier point out to me that Isla was eating paper
Awesome: I gave it to her because HELLO, it was keeping her quiet

Awkward: Making plans, then realizing we already had plans with someone else

Awkward: Cat vomit (or something of the sort) on our driveway
Awesome: Connor pointing at it and saying "yucky"

Awesome: Connor being back in his room
Awesome x2: Connor saying "Mommy fix my room, daddy put door on"
*** That's right buddy, I did fix your room all by myself...hahaha!

Awkward & Awesome: Daily inappropriate text messages from my brother

Awesome: Said brother's new app that randomly gives pictures captions

Yes, that is my toddler drinking some red bull. Thats what uncles are for! 

Awesome: Being told by my friend's 9 year old that my bathing suit is "so cute"

Awkward: Finding myself fixing a display at Starbucks

Awkward & Awesome: I've taken 5000 pictures in the past 2.5 months. Yes, you read that correctly

Anything awkward or awesome happen to you lately?

And if you are my brother, you can't respond back with innaprooriate text messages from my sister! Even if it is true. 


  1. I LOVE the Isla chewing paper situation. Cuuute and awkward :)

  2. haha, I like that picture of Connor. He's keeping it real, yo.

  3. Are those pictures that from the "I'd Cap That" app, because I'm completely addicted to it as well?


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