The Sibling Learning Curve

There is a funny thing that happens when you raise more then one child. Not only do you get to re-watch a little person learn everything in this world, but you get to watch an older little person have to deal with SHARING EVERYTHING. Isla is now fully mobile. Nothing is off limits. I was fearing this day, remembering how many dangers all the sudden popped up in our home when Connor started moving. I now realize, Connor should have been fearing this day much more than I was. And if he wasn't fearing it (which I am sure he wasn't), the day Isla started crawling will go down as one of the biggest day's in his life...well at least one of the biggest days from when he was 2.5. His toys suddenly became her toys. His sippy cups, hers. His snack on the floor, hers. 

The last few days, if Connor has managed to not walk over and rip the toy Isla just crawled all the way across the room for out of her hand, he instead gets all passive aggressive on us and will "hug" her with gusto...and a crazy look in his eyes. This said hugging usually lasts until I notice and tell him to stop or until Isla starts crying. 

Oh my dear, sweet first born...

I know learning to share is a difficult process. But lets be real here, its not like you have only one or two toys. There are plenty to go around. Just be nice to that sissy of yours. Because if things go as planned, she will be one of your fiercest and most loyal fans in life. And lets be honest here, you will want someone understanding to complain to about the ridiculously early curfew your father and I will be setting for you or the fact that we are uncool parents and won't get you a cell phone for your fifth birthday. I kid, but seriously kids get them phones so early these days! 

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  1. Awww! What a cutie! With time, Connor will learn how to share.


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