Why Generous?

Not long after I declared my word for the year, a lady came up and told me how it was the perfect word for me. She told me how I am always talking about how generous my father in law is (see Clive, I talk good about you behind your back!) so I guess it is something fitting for me to strive for in 2014. 

A couple weeks into the new year, I got a package at my door. I have no clue who it was from. It came with no return address or note. And it contained the most adorable little gnome that is currently chilling on my mantle. That little gnome made my day. It also got me thinking...sometimes I do nothing because I feel like I can't do something big enough. Even small acts of generosity are still generous and can put a smile on someone's face. Things like unexpectedly paying for a friend's lunch, giving a small gift to someone or blessing someone in need. Heck, being generous doesn't even have to cost money. It can be loaning someone something or passing on hand-me-downs to a friend. Really, I would like to live my life in a way where those around me KNOW they are more valuable to me than my stuff or my money. 

Over the course of this year, I am going to focus on and reflect on different types of generosity in my life. I have already talked about being generous with my time. Since then, I have kept up with spending less time with my phone close by. And let me tell you something, the longer I am away from it, not only the less I miss it, but also the less I desire it or even remember what I liked looking at on it. 

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