Kids Can Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth?!

Teeth brushing in our house has always been a bit of an ordeal. We have gone through good times and ugly times. We have been not so serious about it and crazy about it. Randomly, a couple weeks ago, I bought the kids new motorized toothbrushes. In all honesty, I got them because with a sale and a coupon, they were $1 each. I thought the kids would get a kick out of them. Well, I totally underestimated that one. 

As soon as Connor saw the toothbrush, he was super excited. And both him and Isla have been asking to brush their teeth all the time. What really makes me happy is Connor is actually brushing his teeth, not his tongue or just sucking the toothpaste off, he is actually BRUSHING HIS TEETH. I would have paid full price for these toothbrushes a long time ago if I knew that would happen. 

So seriously, if anyone out there is in the predicament of their kid hating brushing their teeth, get one of these Colgate toothbrushes. They are a game changer. And on a side note, we have used other spinbrushes with not as exciting results. I don't know if it is the characters, the on/off switch or the fact that the brush pulses rather than spins, but the kids LOVE them. 

Oh, and I was totally NOT in any way asked by Colgate to write this. I just think the toothbrushes are that awesome. 

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  1. Sold. I'm getting one for T. You should totally go into advertising! :)

  2. Landon was just asking me for an electric toothbrush (he watches me use mine). I'm definitely getting one for both kids now. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I'm going to need to try this with my littles. Brushing teeth is an absolute horror show every night.


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