Stockton Children's Museum

Connor has been visiting my parents in LA for the past couple days, so Isla is living it up as an only child. I wish she was acting like she was enjoying being alone, but in all honesty, she has been pretty full of temper tantrums the last few days. Oh well. 

We wanted to get out and do something today and with it pouring down rain (yea!!!), we were looking for something to do indoors. We ended up going to Stockton Children's Museum. For the price, it can't be beat, as far as children's museums go. And really, we had a fun time. 

^^ "Driving" a city bus

I always get a kick out of going to places like this with my kids. The things I think are super cool, they aren't as in to. Though Isla refused to get in the helicopter or fire engine, I am sure Connor would have been all over those. And I wanted to play at the news desk, but Isla had no interest. She did enjoy the slide, city bus, kids play area and the art area. I definitely will have to remember this place the next time we need to get out of the house on a not so nice day.

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